SIGGRAPH 2023 Techical papers

08 Aug 2023

正在美國舉行的SIGGRAPH 2023, 當中的技術研發論文不少來自香港本地的大學參與 , 部份包括以下研究 :
‧ Parsing-conditioned Anime Translation: A New Dataset and Method (HKU /CUHK) – Link

‧ BodyFormer: Semantics-guided 3D Body Gesture Synthesis with Transformer (HKU) – Link

‧ UrbanBIS: A Large-scale Benchmark for Fine-grained Urban Building Instance Segmentation (CUHK) – Link

‧ Language-based Photo Color Adjustment for Graphic Designs (CITY U) – Link

‧ NeRO: Neural Geometry and BRDF Reconstruction of Reflective Objects From Multiview Images (HKU) – Link

‧ FashionTex: Controllable Virtual Try-on With Text and Texture (CUHK-Shenzhen) – Link

‧ Neural Face Rigging for Animating and Retargeting Facial Meshes in the Wild (HKU) – Link

‧ SketchFaceNeRF: Sketch-based Facial Generation and Editing in Neural Radiance Fields (CITY U) – Link