Faceware Technologies Announces Faceware Live SDK

31 Jul 2017

Faceware 為他們的 real-time 臉部表情動畫製作系統Faceware Live 推出 SDK . 這套 Windowsⓒ Native C++ SDK 可讓研發者建構自己的實時及互動程式 . SDK 包括 :
– Windows Native C++
– High-frame-rate tracking, with no visible latency
– Over 100 APIs developers can use to track and animate faces in real time
– Create facial animation in real time from a person’s face on video
– Tracks 82 landmarks on the face and streams over 40 animation controls
– One second camera-to-face calibration
– SDK can track facial movement from a live camera feed, a video file (e.g .mov file), or an image sequence (e.g. .jpg)
– Works with almost any camera or webcam, including head-mounted cameras
– Easy to adjust camera settings for optimizing the user experience
– Tools to multiply and adjust animation output values to match your characters
– Simulate animation output for easy debugging and testing your character animation before use

他們將會在 SIGGRAPH 2017 中披露更多