VIEW Conference 2020 On-Demand Sessions

06 Nov 2020

歐洲最大CG/VFX活動 – VIEW Conference 2020 點播觀看部份上線 , 包括 113 場會議內容 , 當中有Keynote ED CATMULL with Ed Catmull (PIXAR創辦
人之一) , Talks on the latest AI techniques in entertainment production (Google’s Paul Debevec and Alonso Martinez) , Director and Disney animator Tony Bancroft on animating comedy characters and the mis-adventures of Animal Crackers , Workshops on 2D Concept Art, Animated Cinematography, the Art of Storytelling, and Texturing with Substance Painter . Panels on the Future of Cinema, Future of Storytelling, and Future of Virtual Production 等等