SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 – Day 2

15 Dec 2021

於日本東京及網上舉行的SIGGRAPH ASIA 2021 來到第二天 !! 今日多個日文Talk 直播 , 包括日製動畫影集《SAINT SEIYA: Knights of the Zodiac》及《Blade Runner: Black Lotus》的製作 , 於17號後會有英文翻釋在on-Demand環節重溫 . VFX :有 Weta Digital講《尚氣》(1pm), UNity用於動畫製作的《Unity Anime Toolbox- The key to creating studio quality animation in a real-time engine》(12pm), 有搵真銀NFTs系列的《Next generation of transmedia storytelling with real-time graphics and NFTs》(2pm)
>> 還有Emerging Technologies 有 香港城大的 《Recognition of Gestures over Textiles with Acoustic Signatures》(11am) (Pui Chung Wong – Postdoc – City University of Hong Kong) 及 《Weighted Walking: Propeller-based On-leg Force Simulation of Walking in Fluid Materials in VR》(1pm) (Pingchuan Ke – Phd student – City University of Hong Kong)