Autodesk Vision Series – before SIGGRAPH 2022

20 Jul 2022

Autodesk 將在 SIGGRAPH 2022 前 舉行 最新Virtual Vision Series 免費登記參與 !!
>> Day 1 sessions (3 AUG) :

‧ Forza Horizon 5: Exploring Next-Gen Content Creation Pipeline (Playground Games)
‧ Bifrost Procedures for Film & TV at Crafty Apes (Crafty Apes)
‧ WB Games Avalanche: An Inside Look at Hogwarts Legacy (WB Games Avalanche)
‧ Breathing Life Into the Japanese-Inspired World of ONI: The Thunder God’s Tale (Megalis VFX, Autodesk)

>> Day 2 sessions (4 AUG) :

‧ Camila Cabello & the Toughest Green Screen Shot I’ve Ever Undertaken (Studio Rufus)
‧ Using 3ds Max and TyFlow to Render Simulations in Real-Time within NVIDIA Omniverse Create (edstudios)
‧ ANDY: A Hero’s Journey (Ignite Animation, Crater Studio)
‧ Open Standards: Charting a Path to a More Resilient Future (Autodesk)