GDC Masterclass 2021

18 Jan 2021

GDC的春季大師班 3 月4及5日網上虛擬舉行 , 當中包括One-day Courses , Two-day Courses 及 Certified Course , 現網上登記開放 , 課堂內容如下 :

‧ Engagement Using Matchmaking and Ranking in Competitive Multiplayer Games with Josh Menke (USD$999)
‧ Leadership Practices for Agile Game Development with Clinton Keith (USD$999)
‧ The Many Faces of Level Design with Christopher Totten(USD$999)
‧ Certified Agile Leadership for Game Development – Essentials with Clinton Keith (USD$2,000)
‧ Advanced Publishing Pitching: Strategy and Pitch Optimization for Scoring Deals with Jason Della Rocca(USD$999)
‧ Psychology and Game UX with Celia Hodent(USD$999)